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The Antero Foundation

Dedicated to Uplifting Our Community

Founded in 2020, The Antero Foundation is a joint project between Antero Resources and Antero Midstream with a mission to expand on the values of community growth and volunteerism at Antero by building successful, thriving communities in and around our areas of operation. The Foundation achieves its mission through making significant donations to organizations and local causes, while also encouraging employee volunteerism.

Charitable Giving

As of September 1, 2023 • 2022 ESG Report

Numbers reflect combined foundation and corporate giving. 


Donated in 2022


Donated in the last five years

Meaningful Partnerships that Meet Immediate Needs


We believe all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. Accordingly, we support programs that make high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful educational opportunities available to all children, from early childhood through high school. We do not directly fund individual scholarships.

Environmental Causes

We support the conservation and restoration of ecosystems where we live and work. We do not fund programs, projects, or organizations to support lobbying or political activities.

Community Development

We invest in programs that make our communities stronger and more sustainable through civic engagement and economic and workforce development. We emphasize local business development, neighborhood revitalization, and civic / youth involvement.

Health and Human Services

Antero values the health and well-being of our employees and community members. We support programs and initiatives that focus on disease prevention, substance abuse, mental health, and basic needs such as food, shelter, and safety. We do not fund gifts directly to individuals

Arts & Culture

We seek to enrich our communities by expanding access to the arts. We focus on children's programs, community arts facilities, restoration/enhancement initiatives, and local performance groups. We do not, at this time, directly fund individual scholarships.

Antero Foundation Grants

Our philanthropic work focuses on programs that deliver lasting value to our local communities. Typically, awards will not be granted for more than three consecutive years. Grants requests exceeding $15,000 are subject to additional oversight.

  • We contribute solely to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations or state or local governmental organizations formed exclusively for charitable purposes.
  • Programs and projects that benefit the areas and communities where Antero operates and where employees work and live (currently West Virginia and Ohio).
  • Organizations that focus on:
    • Education
    • Environment
    • Community Development
    • Health and Human Services
    • Arts and Culture
  • We support organizations whose mission and activities align with those of Antero and the Foundation. We do not support individuals, other private foundations, golf tournaments or beauty pageants, or programs located outside Antero's operational area. We also do not support organizations without 501(c)(3) status (including foreign organizations, political, lobbying or labor groups), most religious organizations, or organizations that discriminate against protected classes of individuals.

Grant requests may be submitted at any time by completing an online application. Deadlines vary according to the amount requested. To receive funding, all grant recipients must sign a grant agreement specifying the terms and conditions of the grant, the purpose of the grant, and the use of funding.

Apply Online

Amounts of $15,000 or Less

Please submit applications for grants of $15,000 or less at least six weeks before the funds are needed.

Amounts Exceeding $15,000

Requests exceeding $15,000 are reviewed quarterly. Please submit these requests by the first of February, May, August, or November to receive funding approval in the following month. Grantees receiving over $15,000 are required to submit progress reports every six months, as well as a final report documenting how the funds were used and what objectives were met. The Foundation reserves the right to conduct follow-up visits and expenditure audits as necessary and to withhold or recover funds that appear to have been misused.

For Assistance in the Grant Application Process

For assistance with a grant application, please contact our grant office at:

The Antero Foundation
Attn: Stephanie Iaquinta
535 White Oaks Blvd.
Bridgeport, WV 26330

Fax: 304-842-4102


Jefferson Awards Program

Local Jefferson Award recipient and national nominee, Stephanie Hayhurst-Hall, was recognized for her public service, particularly as a children’s advocate. An adoptee herself, Stephanie is now an adoptive parent with husband, Jason, in Pennsboro, WV. Stephanie explains,

Stephanie Hayhurst-Hall

“Her story is so inspiring to us, not only because she’s our daughter, but because her story reflects a lot of the children who are in foster care, and their stories. When she came to us she was sad and broken, but once she got into our home and we could be a happy family, seeing her transition was just so inspirational to us. She is a healthy, happy seven year old and you would never know the trauma she experienced. We want to see that for all children in foster care so we continue to advocate because of her. She inspires us every day.”
Community service and volunteerism are what keep WV strong. Multiplying Good recognizes outstanding volunteers in local communities through the Jefferson Awards program. Antero Resources finds value in those who put their community first and we are proud to partner with WDTV 5 News to honor the unsung heroes of local WV communities. Nominate someone you know today.

Click here to nominate a volunteer in your community.

The Antero Foundation: Recent News

Mountaineer Food Bank and Antero partner to help combat food insecurity


Oil and gas company donates $150K to fight food insecurity


Antero Resources & Antero Midstream launch community foundation, partner with Mountaineer Food Bank to combat West Virginia food insecurity


Antero Foundation donates $56,000 to food pantries across NC West Virginia & SE Ohio


Mountaineer Food Bank gets a boost


Antero Resources presents a check to the Mountaineer Food Bank for $150,000 to help battle food insecurity


    Helping Our Communities Thrive

    For more than 10 years, Antero has partnered with the people of Appalachia to power local communities and protect their land and resources. We are proud to contribute well-paying jobs, infrastructure, royalty payments, and other forms of support to the communities where we operate.

    Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Efforts