Second Quarter 2024 Earnings Call - August 1, 2024 - 9:00 AM MT

Social and Safety

Investing in Our People

Producing the energy the world needs is our job, but people are our purpose. We aim to be a force for good in the lives of our employees, partners, and neighbors.

Our Approach to Community

"Partnering with the people of Appalachia has been our commitment for more than 10 years and we will continue to make a difference by respecting its people and land for generations to come."

-Paul Rady, Founder, Chairman, CEO and President

Health and Safety

At Antero, our unwavering commitment to health, safety, security, and environmental preservation (HSSE) places people and communities at the forefront of our operations. To this end, we maintain a relentless focus on our HSSE performance and set an ambitious target of Zero incidents, Zero harm, and Zero compromise.

Safety as a Top Priority

To effectively manage health and safety risks, we employ the Antero Safety Management System (SMS). This system draws significant influence from the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment and ISO 45001, ensuring alignment with established standards. By implementing the SMS, we enhance the visibility of potential risks and empower decision-making processes to prioritize safety.

Our Culture Reflected Through Safety

Our safety initiatives reinforce our culture of HSSE excellence throughout the company and positively influence our contractor community. Through these well-developed and thoughtful processes, we:

  • Conduct our business in compliance with applicable HSSE laws, rules, and regulations
  • Expect every employee and contractor to share our values and commitment to Zero incidents, Zero harm and Zero compromise
  • Proactively work and operate to protect our people, the community, the environment, and our assets
  • Empower employees to speak up about safety, security, and environmental concerns, and take responsibility for their actions through our Stop Work Authority program
  • Sponsor emergency preparedness programs and conduct regular contractor audits to assess our performance
  • Implement and monitor continual improvement workflows necessary to create quantifiable, resilient HSSE programs
  • Invest in HSSE training and coaching, promoting risk assessments and encouraging HSSE leadership

With determined goals, strategic programs and accountability across the organization, our safety performance is consistently strong. Nonetheless, we continuously drive our employees and contractors to hit our goal of “zero."

Social Impact

We go beyond being a local business in Appalachia, as we consider ourselves neighbors deeply invested in the success and well-being of our communities. Our commitment extends to fostering honest, long-term relationships and maintaining strong roots within the region.

Defining Social at Antero

Community engagement and investment

Community engagement and investment

Owner relations

Owner relations

Philanthropy and The Antero Foundation

Philanthropy and The Antero Foundation

Being a Good Neighbor

We strongly believe in being a good neighbor, which includes building enduring relationships, addressing community issues, and creating economic opportunities for the development of our operating areas. Our Community Relations team handles any concerns and ensures that it is directed to the appropriate department for resolution.

Boosting Local Economies

In 2022, we made substantial financial investments in West Virginia and Ohio, contributing to the growth of local economies and communities. Our investments, including employment opportunities and royalty and tax payments, resulted in increased revenue for individual counties.

Putting Tax Revenue Back into Communities

In addition to the significant employment opportunities we offer, we also contribute meaningful tax revenues at both the local and state levels. Through severance taxes, property taxes, and income taxes, we actively support the improvement of local schools, roads, and essential services provided by government agencies.

Taking the Long Road to Repairs

We recognize that investing in improved infrastructure provides long-lasting benefits even beyond our initial work in an area. As part of our commitment to responsible operations, we proactively upgrade roads before they are utilized for our operations. By improving roads through repairs, upgrades, slip repairs, snow plowing, and traffic control operations, we aim to enhance safety, convenience, and overall mobility for both the community and our operations.

Creating a Positive Philanthropic Impact

Our dedication to making a positive impact through philanthropy has been a longstanding pillar of our company. Our philanthropic initiatives are centered around creating meaningful partnerships that instill lasting value and address the immediate needs of our communities. We have given back through various donations, fundraising, and employee volunteerism raising over $820,000 in 2022 and nearly $3 MM donated in the last 5 years.

A Workplace Culture Centered Around Collaboration

We remain committed to preserving the close-knit atmosphere of a smaller company. We place great emphasis on building strong relationships, tackling challenges together, and fostering a sense of teamwork. Our intentional work environment shapes our decision-making processes, fosters employee engagement, and drives our partnerships with stakeholders.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, we implemented a Diversity and Inclusion policy that underscores our company's commitment to fostering employee diversity and promoting diversity within our Board. To ensure that we create an inclusive environment, we set consistent metrics to measure our diversity initiatives. Additionally, we integrate diversity commitments into our existing policies and recognize the need for dedicated leadership.