Environmental, Social & Governance

ESG at Antero

At Antero Resources, our employees are the core of our company and the people of Appalachia are at the heart of who we are. With our continued focus on health, safety, security and preservation of the environment, Antero will always prioritize our people and the communities where we operate. Our industry leading ESG performance exemplifies our unwavering commitment to do the right thing, take accountability for our actions and maintain our position as a world-class energy producer, partner and employer of choice.

"Antero’s outstanding ESG performance is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to maintaining our leadership position as a responsible energy producer. Our performance, workplace culture and 2025 ESG goals help to fulfill our commitment to care for our community, employees, partners and the environment. Antero’s ESG strategy allows our company and our stakeholders to support a low-carbon future transition by producing natural gas and natural gas liquids according to the highest safety, environmental and governance standards."

-Mike Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer

2022 ESG Highlights


1.2 Scope 1 GHG intensity
.013 Methane intensity
Zero Produced gas flared
86% Of wastewater generated was recycled
38% Of total water used was recycled water


9 Years of no employee lost time incidents
26% Reduction in workforce TRIR from 2021
Over $820K In direct donations in 2022*
586 Employees*

*Figure represents AR and AM combined


19% Of corporate officers are women
43% Of independent directors are women
15% Of executive target annual incentive compensation is tied to ESG performance

Setting Goals for Continued Improvement

While commitments must come first, we believe actions speak louder than intention. That’s why we included ESG metrics in our business strategy, set measurable goals to ensure accountability and tied executive compensation to these goals. Our ambitious goals were developed after conducting a thorough review of our operations and thoughtful discussions with our executive leadership team and the Board.

2025 ESG Goals

2025 Goal

Current Progress

Net Zero Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions by 2025

Reduced Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions by 54% from 2019 through operational initiatives

50% reduction in already low methane leak loss rate (less than 0.025%)*

Reduced methane leak loss rate by 69% from 2019 (0.014%)

10% reduction in Scope 1 GHG intensity*

Reduced Scope 1 GHG intensity by 59% from 2019 (1.2)

Alignment with TCFD and SASB disclosure standards

Began reporting to the TCFD and SASB standards in our 2020 ESG Report

*All reduction targets are from our 2019 baseline emissions.

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Understanding Energy Poverty

Energy Poverty refers to the lack of access to sustainable modern energy services and products that affects human health and prosperity. Because nearly 3 billion people in the world are forced to cook with solid fuels, kerosene, and faulty stoves, a high level of household pollution is created causing dangerous health impacts.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Commitments

We believe in effective communication and collaboration to achieve successful engagement with our stakeholders. We recognize the importance of active listening and strive to understand different perspectives to create stronger relationships. By engaging in open and transparent dialogue, we aim to address community concerns, enhance growth, and develop long-lasting relationships.

Steps for ESG Priority Assessment

The four steps to our ESG Priority Assessment include defining purpose and scope, identifying topics, engaging management, and analyzing information and incorporating into ESG strategy and reporting. With topics ranging from health and safety to human and labor rights, we cover all aspects and are committed to constant improvement.

Follow Along on Our ESG Journey

Antero Resources has had many different benchmarks in our ESG efforts starting in 2017.


Our Commitments to Our Surroundings

At Antero, we adopt a holistic approach to our operations, considering both our activities and their environmental impact. By embracing innovation, technology, and knowledge across all our sites, we actively work towards reducing our environmental footprint while enhancing our efficiency.


Our Drive to be Better Citizens

With genuine connections within the Appalachian region, we go beyond being a local business. Our purpose is to bring about positive change, and we demonstrate this commitment through transparent engagement and substantial investments where we call home.


Our ESG Priorities Begin Within Our Organization

Our aim is to create a culture that upholds the highest standards of ethical business practices and enterprise risk management. We firmly believe that doing what is right is not only critical to our company culture but also crucial for the long-term success of both our employees and our organization as a whole.

2022 ESG Data Performance Tear Sheets

Review our ESG data performance tear sheets.