Spill Prevention & Management

Antero is committed to environmental stewardship. Adherence to local, state, and federal regulations is a core value at Antero. Additionally, Antero establishes internal environmental programs which often exceed regulatory standards. Antero utilizes best management practices (BMPs) during all phases of operation beginning with land acquisition and carrying through gas transportation. Taking a proactive approach in identifying and reducing environmental risks and hazards is Antero’s first step towards protecting the environment. A robust spill response program and a vast network of spill response contractors ensure that environmental incidents are fully remediated in a timely manner. By being both proactive and highly responsive, Antero strives for Zero Incidents, Zero Harm, and Zero Compromise.

The programs which Antero utilizes to achieve operational excellence include:

  • Developing SPCC plans in accordance with federal regulations to help prevent
    and minimize the impacts of spills
  • Utilizing secondary and tertiary containment systems such as:
    Polyethylene liners for drilling and completion activities
         Berms and valve controlled sumps at pad locations
         Lined secondary containments for storage tanks and equipment
         Double-walled tanks
         Catchments at load out areas
         Fluid recovery systems for pigging operations
         Skid mounted compressors with skids capable of catching potential spills
  • Strategically placed Antero spill response trailers for large scale incident response
  • Creating Emergency Response Plans to streamline interactions with first responders and emergency services during large scale incidences
  • Providing training to pertinent personnel on regulatory and internal environmental programs
  • Setting goals and creating initiatives to reduce environmental incident rates
  • Using web-based programs to track environmental incidents and generate metrics which can be utilized for continuous improvement

When spills occur, Antero responds by determining the source and type of the spill and utilizes the following corrective actions:

  • Safely isolating and controlling the source of the spill
  • Containing spilled material to prevent migration
  • Initiating remediation activities such as removal or treatment of contaminated material
  • Analytical testing of soil/water when necessary to verify completion of spill remediation
  • Reporting spills to agencies in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Disposal of contaminated materials in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Internal documentation of incidents in web-based programs for reporting and metric trending

Antero is dedicated to spill response and prevention. Worker training reinforces a culture of environmental awareness, while a mix of proactive and responsive programs provide the workers with the tools and information necessary to achieve environmental excellence.

Antero defines reportable spills as any spill, release, or discharge to the environment that must be reported to a state or federal agency per the regulations. Antero’s spill rate is defined as volume of reportable spills over the total barrels of fluid handled.

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