Waste Reduction

Antero strives to reduce residual waste from our exploration and production processes whenever possible. An example of waste reduction in drilling and completions is below:

waste reduction

Drilling utilizes a closed loop system for managing our drilling residual waste in both the Marcellus and Utica plays. The closed loop system is used for both the air/mist drilled section and the fluid section. In each section, all water, brine, and oil is processed on location and reused in the drilling process. The drill cuttings are processed using solids controls systems and dryers with the objective of minimizing retention of liquid residue. This reduces the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

Completions implemented the Sand X system in 2017. This system more efficiently separates water from sand, and significantly reduces the amount of water remaining in the sand following completions. As a result, drier sand and less tonnage is sent to an approved landfill. The separated water is utilized as noted in Antero’s water management and water recycling programs.