Our Strategy

Commitment to the health and safety of our employees, security of our assets, and preservation of the environment are all core values of our organization and essential to our ability to add sustainable value as a business. We focus on maximizing shareholder value while maintaining a heavy commitment to health, safety, security, and the environment.

Antero Resources is committed to the following:

  • Conducting our business in compliance with applicable health, safety, and environmental (HSE) laws, rules and regulations
  • Using natural resources and energy efficiently
  • Expecting every employee and contractor working for, and on Antero Resources behalf, to share our values and commitment to Zero Incidents, Zero Harm, Zero Compromise
  • Proactively working and operating to protect our people, the community, the environment, and our assets
  • Empowering employees through our HSSE Leadership model which encourages people to speak up about safety, security, and environmental concerns and take responsibility for their actions through our Stop Work Authority program
  • Implementing and monitoring continual improvement workflows necessary to create quantifiable, resilient HSSE programs (the “HSSE Management Systems”)
  • Investing in HSSE training and coaching, promoting risk assessments, and encouraging visible HSSE leadership
  • Reducing emissions, releases, and increasing efficiency by evaluating and implementing new technologies while continually improving our designs and workflows
  • Maintaining emergency preparedness systems and Crisis and Field Incident Management Teams (IMT)
  • Monitoring and reporting sustainability performance regularly
  • Conducting routine assessments and inspections to assess and improve our performance
  • Minimizing waste at the source and, when generated, to handle such waste in an environmentally safe and compliant manner
  • Engaging with investors, customers, employees, contractors, local communities, regulatory agencies, surface and mineral owners, and peers to provide an opportunity for transparent dialogue, information sharing, and problem solving

Our risk management process involves a review of short and long-term risks. Quarterly, the risk lead for each department identifies and reviews new and previously identified risks and proposed mitigation actions, and presents them for approval by the department vice president or senior vice president. Upon approval, the Internal Audit, Compliance, and Risk Department compiles all risks for tracking purposes. Annually, we discuss long-term risks with the executive team and incorporate them into the company risk register. We present a full update of short- and long-term risks to the Board of Directors regularly and have more substantive conversations with the Board on a specific risk area at least three times in a year. Antero Resources did not experience any reports of corruption, bribery, human trafficking, child labor, or forced labor in 2019 or 2020.