Corporate Governance

Antero’s corporate governance foundation is laid in its Certificate of Incorporation; By-Laws; Audit, Compensation, Nominating and Governance and ESG Board Committee Charters; and in its Corporate Code of Business Conduct, its Financial Code of Ethics and its Corporate Governance Guidelines, each of which are publicly available on our website. 

The Board of Directors of Antero Resources has delegated advisory authority to the Environment, Sustainability, and Social Governance (ESG) Committee, a committee of independent directors appointed by the Board on matters relating to ESG, including climate-related risks. 

The ESG Committee meets regularly throughout the year.

  • Provide guidance to the Company and its Board on matters relating to the identification, evaluation, and monitoring of environmental sustainability, corporate citizenship and social and political trends, issues, and concerns
  • Oversee and provide advice on improvements to corporate sustainability or other public policy initiatives, policies, and practices to enhance its alignment with, and promote the achievement of, the Company’s strategy in a manner consistent with its values
  • Advise the Board and management on significant public policy issues that are pertinent to the Company and its stakeholders


Vicky Sutil – Chair | Robert J. Clark | Benjamin A. Hardesty | Jacqueline C. Mutschler