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Antero values our local communities and the relationships we have with our stakeholders. We believe a high level of engagement with our investors, customers, employees, contractors, local communities, regulatory agencies, surface and mineral owners, and peers is critical to our success. The open dialogue that we have with our stakeholders about issues that matter the most creates opportunities for information sharing and problem-solving. The following are ways we maintain and build relationships.

Antero makes readily available to investors, via their website, financial presentations and information, SEC filings, and press releases. Additionally, Antero holds analyst conferences, meetings with institutional investors and communicates to investors interested in sustainability issues. Antero’s Investor Relations team maintains contact with investors on an ongoing basis. Antero’s Marketing department maintains contact with its customers on an ongoing basis. Antero also responds to customer requests for sustainability information.

Antero engages employees in various ways including through the intranet website where everyone has access to the safety management system and the environmental management system; through formal training on sustainability issues; lunch-and-learn programs, wellness programs, the monthly company newsletter, HSSE bulletins, volunteer opportunities, leadership programs, performance management, weekly meetings and recognition programs. Employees are empowered to make a difference and drive performance towards our commitment to health, safety, security and the environment. Anyone on an Antero location has Stop Work Authority.

Antero engages contractors through daily tailgate meetings, empowerment with Stop Work Authority, site orientations, recognition programs, training, and performance management through a vendor management service. Antero holds an annual Contractor HSSE conference where relevant training and recognition is provided. Antero held a hands-on Environmental
workshop for its contractors in 2019 to focus on sustainability and regulatory compliance issues.

Local communities include emergency management agencies (EMAs), residents, and elected officials.  We meet regularly with EMAs to discuss emergency preparedness plans and conduct drills. Antero has donated emergency response equipment to EMAs. Antero employees volunteer time and donate generously to the causes that matter to the community. We have a 24/7 hotline that is directed to our Community Relations team where concerns will be understood and addressed.

Antero meets with local, state and federal regulatory agencies regularly. Our engagement includes discussing regulatory issues, sharing lessons learned and industry perspectives on what works, and receiving feedback.

Antero takes seriously its duty to minimize disruptions in the lives of those who live close to our operations. A cornerstone of this effort is a tracking system which dedicated employees painstakingly manage. The community relations hotline is a telephone and email system which collects reports of issues such as noise, dust, speeding, and property damage. We distribute the phone numbers and email addresses broadly at community events and to our vendors so that they may disseminate the information to landowners in the field. Every resident who leaves a message gets a call back within 24 hours and a follow-up site visit if needed. Our community relations staff has broad authority to address problems and dedicate resources to such when needed.

An example of Antero’s responsiveness to community concerns can be seen in road repair investments. Since 2013 Antero has spent more than $200 million on road maintenance and upgrades.

Many oil and gas companies actively support local charities in the communities in which they operate, and, of course, Antero does too. In fact, the company has contributed $400,000 to charitable organizations over the past five years. But what has had an even greater impact on our communities is the “sweat equity” that is earned when employees voluntarily show up and keep parks beautiful and rivers clean. Each year, Antero employees volunteer hundreds of hours on these types of projects. Antero provides a platform for all our partners to come together and raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity. Our Derby party and Dodgeball tournament provide support for children and family advocacy in the areas in which we operate. Our vendors support Antero in these efforts, and the non-profit organizations are the recipients of that generosity.

Antero’s economic impact in North Central West Virginia is significant. With 264 direct employees and more than three-thousand contract personnel, the company is a dominant part of the local landscape. Antero paid $393 million in royalty and bonus in 2017, and $88 million in taxes in 2017 – enabling state government to provide needed services to West Virginians.

Antero is committed to our royalty owners who have access to our Owner Relations department via the Antero website and hotlines. Payments are made to royalty owners on a monthly basis.

Antero meets with peer companies and participates by serving on committees in industry associations to share lessons learned and work towards sustainable solutions for the industry. Antero lends voluntary support in responding to emergencies if they have resources nearby and if requested either by a regulatory agency or by a peer company.