Antero Resources is committed to the safety and security of our organization and the communities in which we operate. We strive to plan, prepare, prevent, and recover from adverse security incidents that could injure, harm, disrupt, or affect our workers, sites, business, or communities. Through strategic alignment with our business and operational teams, we can efficiently and swiftly identify and direct resources to preserve and safeguard our assets, both tangible and intangible.

Our efforts to initiate the Security and Safety committee through our membership in the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association (WVONGA) is a good example of our leadership in this area. The Security and Safety committee is a valuable collaboration of industry peers sharing information and education on mitigation and emergency response efforts related to security and crime-related matters.

Our field security personnel are certified Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLO) through the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center. A TLO is a public citizen of the United States trained to report suspicious activity observed during the course of their normal occupation as part of the United States’ War on Terror. Our strong relationship with federal, state, and local first responders strengthens our commitment to keeping our communities and homeland safe.

Cyber Security:

The traditional model for information technology security has changed. The Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability Triad has evolved to include Safety. Antero leverages information technology in significant ways; traditionally, in the areas of Operational Technology, and the Internet of Things. As the company’s use of technology continues to advance, so do our cybersecurity strategies. Our commitment to sustainable governance and security best practices helps us navigate the ever-changing threat landscape.

We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to our cybersecurity efforts. This approach incorporates our people, processes, and technology to effectively prevent, mitigate and remediate issues.

The Board of Directors approved a Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Policy in 2019. The purpose of the policy is to protect the PII of its employees and other individuals whose PII may be collected by Antero in the course of doing business.