Voluntary Programs

Antero demonstrates our commitment to methane mitigation and reducing climate change risks by actively participating in voluntary programs that are committed to reducing emissions: EPA Natural Gas STAR Program, ONE Future, and API’s Environmental Partnership.

Natural Gas EPA Pollution Preventer

Antero joined the EPA Natural Gas STAR Program in 2017. By joining the EPA program, Antero expanded our commitment to evaluate and implement methane reduction projects. We transparently report our voluntary reductions of methane emissions and participate in information sharing and technology transfer by working with our peers to keep up with industry trends.

One Future: Our Nation's Energy

In 2018, Antero Resources became a member of ONE Future. ONE Future is an industry collective focused on voluntarily reducing methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain, with a goal to lower emissions to 1% or less of total natural gas production by 2025. ONE Future’s target is a science-based methane emission intensity target. The target seeks to ensure that fuel switching to natural gas will create GHG reduction benefits. Antero’s methane leak intensity was at 0.055% in 2018, which is well ahead of the ONE Future cumulative industry goal of 1% and the gas production and gathering segment goal of 0.36%. Antero continuously strives to reduce our methane intensity target.

ONE Future has also partnered with the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) to improve operational efficiency and mitigate methane emissions. As a member company, we provide our emissions data to NETL by way of ONE Future for them to characterize ONE Future’s supply chain GHG emissions and evaluate opportunities for improvement. The key finding of phase one of the project shows that, through best practices and capital investments, ONE Future participants have improved the overall efficiency of their systems. Therefore, the strategies employed by ONE Future participants set a benchmark for other operators to follow. Phase two of the project is scheduled to be kicked off in the spring of 2019.

The Environmental Partnership

In 2018, Antero Resources also joined API’s Environmental Partnership. Their mission is to “continuously improve the industry’s environmental performance by taking action, learning about best practices and technologies, and fostering collaboration in order to responsibly develop our nation’s essential natural gas and oil resources.” To meet this commitment, Antero conducts Leak Detection and Repair inspections at all permitted sites. In addition, as a participant in the Partnership, Antero has committed to submit annual reporting to track the progress of our emission reductions. Ultimately, an annual report will be developed to document the Partnership’s efforts and will be made available to the public for review.

In 2018, Antero participated in the CDP Climate Change questionnaire which can be found here: 2018 CDP Climate Change Questionnaire