Regulatory Programs

Antero reports under the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP). As part of the requirement, Antero discloses all Scope 1 direct GHG emissions at a basin wide level (Appalachian Basin and Appalachian Basin Eastern Overthrust) to EPA. Antero also discloses methane emissions as part of total organic compounds released to the Ohio EPA (OEPA). GHG emissions are calculated using a combination of actual measurements, engineering calculations, and emission factors as required by each reporting program.

Currently Antero discloses quantitative information on criteria and hazardous air pollutant emissions for our operations in Ohio, as well as all sites with a Title V air permit. Antero is working to compile these emissions for all sites and aims to disclose that information in the near future.

Antero does not disclose the percentage of our air emissions in or near areas of dense population, because Antero does not operate in or near areas of dense population. For this analysis Antero reviewed the counties in which we operate with counties defined as part of a metropolitan statistical areas as defined by the Office of Management and Budget and there is no overlap (at the time of that analysis).