Energy Use

Antero is working to make our operations more efficient while providing a clean source of energy to our customers. Overall, Antero Resources drilling and producing operations used 0.246 GJ/Tonne of oil and gas produced for 2017 and 0.226 GJ/Tonne for 2018, an 8% reduction from 2017 to 2018. Overall, Antero Midstream operations used 0.682 GJ/Tonne of oil and gas transported for 2017 and 0.695 GJ/Tonne for 2018. Antero Midstream increased overall energy usage for oil and gas transportation slightly (2%) from 2017 to 2018. Antero utilizes a combination of energy sources including electricity, natural gas, and diesel for drilling, production, compression, treatment, and transportation operations. Antero Midstream also produced 47.7 GWh of electricity using natural gas micro turbines for transportation operations in 2018. Antero tracks the mileage and fuel usage of our vehicle fleet in West Virginia and Ohio. Antero also provides company paid transit passes for our employees in Denver, CO to encourage the use of energy saving mass transit.

Antero Resources Energy Use
Antero Midstream Energy Use