Message from the CEO

Antero’s commitment to health, safety and the environment is a core value of our organization and a primary consideration in every endeavor we undertake. Unlike the balancing act between controlling costs and maximizing shareholder value, there is no balancing act with safety. The bar is set high and stays high, regardless of circumstances.

Our focus on the safety, health and preservation of the environment puts people and community first. This is the right thing to do—and it makes good business sense. A culture dedicated to safety and environmental stewardship reduces risk, enhances productivity, and elevates our reputation in the communities in which we operate. Thanks to continuous improvement in our safety performance, Antero is viewed as a safe and environmentally-responsible operator, making us an employer of choice for current and new employees.

A variety of programs and initiatives strengthen our company-wide culture of safety. The Antero Safety Management System guides our approach to achieving the ultimate goal of zero incidents. Our safety leadership model encourages people to speak up about safety concerns and to take responsibility for their actions through our Stop Work Authority program.

We invest heavily in safety training and coaching of our employees. We promote risk assessments and encourage visible safety leadership. We sponsor emergency preparedness programs. We conduct regular audits to assess our performance, and we celebrate our successes. At the annual Contractor Safety Conference, we acknowledge employees and contractors who have exhibited strong safety leadership throughout the year. Combined, these efforts reinforce Antero’s commitment to safety and act as a positive influence within our contractor community.

Rhetoric and programs aside, our systems are only as good as the leadership, culture and commitment we demonstrate on the job. To ensure the health and safety of our employees and to protect the environment for future generations, each one of us must commit to our mission: to send every worker home safely, every day. Thanks for your dedication and support of Antero’s efforts to keep our people and our communities healthy and safe.


Paul M. Rady

Chairman and CEO

Glen C. Warren, Jr.

President, CFO and Director