Chemical Disclosure

Antero is an active participant in FracFocus, the national hydraulic fracturing chemical registry. All Antero fracture stimulated wells are reported to FracFocus.

Additionally, Antero seeks vendors committed to environmental sustainability and transparency; however, it is noted that some information may be excluded by our vendors due to confidential business information (CBI). Several of our hydraulic fracturing vendors have stated membership and commitments to the Hydraulic Fracturing Code of Conduct1 from the Working Energy Commitment. The goal of the Working Energy Commitment is to provide transparency when it comes to chemical disclosure in fracturing operations.

Antero requests that our vendors avoid the use of trade secret or proprietary designations when reporting their chemical disclosures, and to the extent they are unable, provide the relevant contact information for the person seeking trade secret coverage per current FracFocus requirements.

Antero contractors utilize a dry gel on approximately 50% of fracture stimulations.