Risk Assessment & Hazard Recognition

Risk assessments, hazard recognition programs, and risk registers are critical components of the Antero SMS. Antero utilizes a proprietary risk matrix during a risk assessment to define the level of risk by considering the probability against the category of consequence severity for an incident or risk. This is a simple mechanism to increase visibility of risks and assist management decision-making.

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) must be completed and documented prior to the start of work on an Antero location. Antero expects each worker involved in a task, whether an employee or a contractor, be fully briefed on related hazards and acknowledge them by signing the JSA.

At the core of Antero’s risk assessment and hazard recognition program is Stop Work Authority (SWA). SWA establishes the responsibility and authority of every worker on an Antero location, to stop work when an unsafe act or condition is discovered.

Antero expects mitigation of any identified risk or hazard to a level as low as reasonably practical before beginning or resuming work. Antero maintains a library of safe work practices to guide our contractors and service providers on how to mitigate any identified unsafe act or condition. These documents evolve as laws and regulatory requirements change and are updated when necessary.

In 2019, Antero developed and implemented the Take 5 Program, which supports contractors and operations while driving improvement in areas of safety performance and responsibility. The Take 5 Program demonstrates Antero’s support for taking five minutes on any Antero owned, operated, or leased worksite to verify that hazards and risks associated with the job task or activity are mitigated and controlled.