Incident Reporting System

Antero’s incident reporting system facilitates data collection, investigations, and information tracking on incidents that occur on our sites. We identify factors contributing to the incident and develop a comprehensive plan to help prevent reoccurrence. We use incidents as learning opportunities to create safety alerts, bulletins, and reminders for distribution to our contractors.

All incidents are categorized using Antero’s HSSE Risk Matrix, and are investigated to determine the root cause and contributing factors so we can take action to reduce and, where possible, eliminate factors that led to the incident or near miss. The HSSE and Operations teams review near miss incidents for systemic trends (frequency, location, phase of operation, cause) and implement corrective and preventive actions to avoid reoccurrence. We use a RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) process to assign and track completion of corrective actions. We create HSSE alerts to communicate the incident and findings to other operational groups to improve awareness, and when appropriate, to other industry parties, regulatory agencies, and first responders.

We define a ‘near miss’ as an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage, inclusive of spills, but under slightly different circumstances, would have had the potential to do so. Near miss incidents are reported to the Antero operations or HSSE teams, are tracked in our incident and behavior-based safety management system, and are reported in our performance metrics. We use the same process for near miss incidents involving service providers and contractors, with the exception that the contractor completes the investigation and identifies the root cause(s) and subsequent corrective actions. Antero then verifies completion of corrective actions.