HSSE, Social & Governance Training

We influence safety behaviors by developing our employees’ knowledge, skills, and awareness of safety-related issues, leading to improved safety performance. Our employee safety-training matrix specifies the required training for every employee job description (office and field) within the company. Safety training starts at the beginning, continues throughout an employee’s career, and includes refresher training at appropriate intervals.

Antero’s training process describes how we:

Training is assigned to each employee through the learning management system and all completed training is tracked within their training transcript.

Antero also provides an on-site HSSE orientation, which is required for all employees and contractors who plan to visit an Antero field location. The on-site orientation describes Antero’s expectations upon arrival at an Antero location and covers topics such as general PPE requirements, training requirements, Short-Service Employees, driving on-site, JSAs, and Stop Work Authority. Employees may not perform certain tasks without required safety training.

Antero Resources and Antero Midstream share employees and resources. 

Data is based on 547 combined employees as of December 31, 2019.