Contractor Safety Management

Antero’s Contractor Safety Management Program strives to verify that work performed at Antero sites meet Antero HSSE minimum expectations. Antero collaborates with a leading third-party data management service to collect and evaluate health and safety information from our contractors. We apply our unique risk profile and grading specifications to the data to review contractor performance against Antero’s expectations.

Per master agreements, Antero expects that each contractor and service provider are fully compliant with their own JSA, SWA, risk, hazard mitigation, and incident management programs, and have policies in place to ensure their compliance with relevant health and safety laws prior to performing work for Antero. 

Safety Improvement Plans

Antero partners with its insurance broker, to provide our contractors with a complete SMS review. We identify contractors that can benefit from a professional, third-party review of their SMS. After our insurance broker conducts the assessment, they share identified learning opportunities with the contractor.

Contractor Program Reviews

Antero strives for continuous improvement of its Contractor Management program, which includes a structured review, research, evaluation, and implementation of industry best practices. We conduct a thorough review of our contractor’s written safety and training programs, and leading and lagging performance indicators. We review our contractor’s Department of Transportation (DOT) programs to assess compliance with regulatory requirements. We monitor a contractor’s on-site performance and adherence to the regulations and Antero’s site-specific procedures.