Water Resources & Management

The availability of water resources is critical to Antero’s drilling and completion operations. Antero is committed to reducing the need for fresh water resources and increasing reuse and recycling of produced water (produced water and flowback). Our relationship with Antero Midstream allows us to obtain the necessary fresh and recycled water for use in our drilling and completion operations, as well as services to recycle and reuse, or dispose of produced water resulting from our operations.

Antero Resources utilizes an extensive network of fresh water pipelines and impoundments across our acreage, maintained and operated by Antero Midstream, to provide a reliable source of fresh water to active locations, and reduce the number of water trucks traversing local roads in and around the communities where we operate. During seasonal dry periods, Antero’s fresh water impoundments provide an alternative source of fresh water to alleviate stress on local streams and reservoirs in these low flow times of the year.

Operational improvements and recycling/reuse initiatives are reducing the amount of fresh water needed to conduct our operations. The Pioneer Water Facility, a water blending and recycling facility, and surface water lines were added to our water-recycling infrastructure. Antero Resources recycled and reused approximately 13.4 million barrels of produced water in 2019, which was approximately 66% of the total produced water generated.