Environmental Management Systems

Antero’s Environmental Management System (EMS), influenced by the ISO 14001:2015 standard, establishes requirements for managing environmental risks and compliance requirements. Antero’s management fully supports the EMS, which applies to all employees and contractors working for, or on behalf of, Antero. The EMS is a constantly evolving tool for Antero.

As part of the plan-do-check-act process, we focused our improvements to the EMS by measuring overall environmental performance and providing weekly updates to management on environmental and regulatory targets, established by Antero’s senior management. Environmental and regulatory metrics and targets including greenhouse gas metrics are part of our EMS.

The EMS has 11 elements, which are:

  1. Environmental Leadership, Compliance, and Commitment
  2. Organization, Roles, and Responsibilities
  3. Risk and Hazard Assessment/Risk Registers
  4. Incident Reporting and Investigation
  5. Training and Competency
  6. Document Management
  7. Emergency Preparedness and Planning
  8. Communication Planning
  9. Environmental Compliance Program
  10. Standard Operating Procedures and Guidance
  11. Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Employees can view and access the Environmental Management System via the company’s intranet.

Risk and Hazard Assessment and Risk Registers

Our risk and hazard assessment programs document potential environmental and regulatory risks for each phase of operation in our risk register. Antero’s proprietary risk matrix quantifies potential risks and impacts to our employees, contractors, assets, and communities. Antero uses the risk matrix during a risk assessment to define the level of risk by considering the probability against the severity of the consequence. The risk matrix is a simple mechanism to increase the visibility of risks and assist management Decision-making.

Incident Reporting System

Environmental and near miss incidents are reported and tracked in our incident reporting system, per the requirements of the incident reporting system detailed under the Health & Safety section. We identify factors that contribute to the incident and develop a comprehensive plan with corrective and preventive actions to prevent reoccurrence. We track regulatory agency interactions in our incident management system. We define regulatory agency interactions as interactions with a regulatory agency that are proactive in nature or have resulted in a request for corrective action. Tracking and trending this information allows us to evaluate the issue and apply corrective and preventive actions across our operations. This information is presented to the CSC quarterly as part of our overall HSSE performance metrics.

Environmental Training

Antero conducts extensive training on relevant environmental and regulatory subjects. Our subject matter experts receive and conduct training in their area of expertise. We provide training across operations and other ancillary service teams to provide an understanding of what is required and how to assure compliance. The HSSE team conducts training and provides regular updates to its contractors and employees at tailgate, weekly, monthly, and annual meetings. In 2019, the Environmental team held a field workshop for its contractors to review requirements, best practices, and evaluate performance towards our environmental goals.

Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Our HSSE teams work collaboratively on emergency preparedness and planning and utilize the same processes and procedures identified under the Health and Safety section. Environmental team members are often first to respond to spills and releases. We conduct and participate in emergency response scenario drills with regulatory agencies, local EMAs, and other operators. Antero has placed spill equipment throughout its operational area to allow for a swift response and environmental impact mitigation.

Contractor Compliance

Antero’s Contractor Compliance Program strives to verify work performed at Antero sites meet Antero HSSE minimum expectations. Antero collaborates with a leading thirdparty data management service to collect and evaluate environmental and regulatory compliance information from our contractors. We apply our unique risk profile and grading specifications to the data to review contractor performance against Antero’s expectations. Per master agreements, Antero requires that each contractor and service provider develop, and are fully compliant with, their own environmental risk, hazard mitigation, and incident management programs, and have policies in place to ensure their compliance with relevant environmental laws prior to performing work for Antero.