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Owner Relations

Antero sets itself apart by working with our partners, the surface and mineral owners. We approach these relationships with respect and integrity. We have an excellent reputation because we are good to work with and we do what we say we are going to do. We also pride ourselves on our working relationships with state and federal regulatory bodies in each of our Appalachian operating areas. Antero is solely focused on Appalachia and growing our operation there. Appalachia is an area of immense natural beauty and important history. We come from the Rocky Mountains, an area of great beauty in its own right. We have a deep and sincere respect for the land and a desire to preserve it for future generations. We will take care of your land just as we take care of our own. We develop our properties with a commitment to safety and limited disturbance. Our team works closely with surface owners, both on the front end and on an ongoing basis, to minimize the impact of our operations.

Community Relations Hotline

Antero Resources values our local communities, and we are doing our part to minimize the impact of our operations. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please feel free to contact our Community Relations team:

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Antero’s commitment to health, safety and the environment is a core value of our organization and a primary consideration in every endeavor we undertake.


A focus on safety, health and preservation of the environment puts people and the community first and is the right thing to do. It also makes good business sense. A strong safety culture and dedicated environmental stewardship reduces risk, enhances productivity and builds a strong reputation in the communities in which we operate. We have earned a reputation as a safe and environmentally responsible operator through continuous improvement in our safety performance. This makes us an employer of choice for current and new employees.

We invest in safety training and coaching, promote risk assessments and encourage visible safety leadership. We sponsor emergency preparedness programs, conduct regular audits to assess our performance and celebrate our successes through the annual contractor safety conference where we acknowledge employees and contractors alike who have exhibited strong safety leadership during the course of the year. These many efforts combine to create a culture of safety throughout the company and provide a positive influence to our contractor community.

Awards / Charity

Antero Resources is active in the communities in which it operates, supporting local schools, conservation organizations and many other constituencies in West Virginia and Ohio. We identify stakeholders, residents, and local community members and work with them to understand their individual concerns and interests, while continuously working to minimize disturbances and impacts from our operations. We welcome and actively solicit community feedback in order to implement best practices that support our commitment to the local communities.