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Antero CSR 2017

ESG at Antero

Antero’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a core value of our organization and a primary consideration in every endeavor we undertake.

Community Relations Hotline

Antero Resources values our local communities, and we are doing our part to minimize the impact of our operations. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please feel free to contact our Community Relations team:

Jefferson Awards

Local Jefferson Award recipient and national nominee, Stephanie Hayhurst-Hall, was recognized for her public service, particularly as a children’s advocate. An adoptee herself, Stephanie is now an adoptive parent with husband, Jason, in Pennsboro, WV. Stephanie explains,

Stephanie Hayhurst-Hall

“Her story is so inspiring to us, not only because she’s our daughter, but because her story reflects a lot of the children who are in foster care, and their stories. When she came to us she was sad and broken, but once she got into our home and we could be a happy family, seeing her transition was just so inspirational to us. She is a healthy, happy seven year old and you would never know the trauma she experienced. We want to see that for all children in foster care so we continue to advocate because of her. She inspires us every day.”

Community service and volunteerism are what keep WV strong. Multiplying Good recognizes outstanding volunteers in local communities through the Jefferson Awards program. Antero Resources finds value in those who put their community first and we are proud to partner with WDTV 5 News to honor the unsung heroes of local WV communities. Nominate someone you know today.

Employee Satisfaction and Professional Development

At Antero, we recognize that the satisfaction of our employees is an important aspect of our ability to achieve our strategic goals, and we are committed to helping keep our employees engaged.  We promote a healthy workplace culture and promote work-life balance by offering employees a variety of wellness programs and amenities, including generous health care benefits, paying the up-front cost of fitness club memberships, and providing for competitive parental leave policies and other benefits, such as our robust Employee Assistance Program, to address their well-being.  To encourage our employees to grow within our organization, we also seek to support the overall depth of talent and organizational leadership readiness through annual succession planning.  Antero employees are encouraged to create individual development plans that consider their career goals. The plans usually focus on development areas such as training, practice with coaching and feedback, and job assignments.  We are proud of the positive impact these programs have had on our workplace culture, our employees and their families.  As a result of our commitment to our employees, we experience strong productivity and engagement, low absenteeism, and high retention rates.  We also feel that providing a means of open feedback is critical, and have a 24-hour hotline for employees to utilize in the event they have questions or comments that they would like to submit to the company on an anonymous basis.


Antero has adopted a policy to promote compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, the UK Bribery Act 2010 and other applicable anti-corruption laws in the conduct of the Company’s business.  This policy applies to all employees, directors and officers of the Company, as well as third parties acting on the Company’s behalf, and generally prohibits these individuals from engaging corrupt acts or making corrupt payments to a foreign official.  It provides details regarding anti-corruption compliance and transacting business with government entities and provides details on how to report any suspected violations of the policy to the Company. The company conducts periodic training with respect to corporate and ethical compliance, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption matters, and re-certify to these corporate policies periodically.


The Company has adopted policies regarding both the protection of personal information and the acceptable use of information held by the company.  The policies acknowledge the importance of privacy and for employees and other individuals to understand what information they can expect to be private; as such, Antero has put in place procedures and protocols for the protection of personal information, including with respect to the use of computers and other computing devices, data storage, document retention, and cybersecurity incident response considerations.

Human Rights

Antero has adopted a policy to promote compliance with human rights concerns related to our business, both those that may impact our employees and those that may impact the communities where we do business. Antero values the dignity of all our stakeholders; as such, this policy covers discrimination, workplace conditions, compensation and freedom of association, labor practices, and impacts to local and indigenous communities. All employees, directors and officers of the Company, as well as any third parties acting on the Company’s behalf, are required to comply with this policy. We also recognize the importance of feedback and monitoring; therefore, any party may report concerns to our anonymous hotline at 888-244-9141. 

Supply Chain Management

The Company has adopted a policy to promote responsible practices in Antero’s supply chains. The policy covers expectations with respect to human rights, anti-corruption, data security, and environmental protection in supply chains. All suppliers, contractors, consultants, and other third parties working with or on behalf of the Company are required to comply with these expectations. Additionally, we have established several avenues for parties to report supply chain concerns, including via our anonymous hotline at 888-244-9141.