Water Management

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Assessment for Oil and Gas, Antero’s drilling operations and water withdrawals in West Virginia and Ohio have an overall low to medium water risk based on location and mapping. Although freshwater is an abundant resource in the Appalachian Basin, Antero is committed to reducing the use of freshwater throughout all of our operations through an active recycling wastewater program. Similarly, Antero has an extensive program to reduce exposure of truck traffic and spills during operations, through a large network of freshwater pipelines and impoundments across our acreage to provide a reliable source of freshwater. Antero’s freshwater infrastructure consists of 273 miles of fresh water pipelines and 36 fresh water impoundments delivering 153 MBbl/day of fresh water. The freshwater pipelines reduce water truck traffic by approximately 4,000 truckloads per well.

At the center of its fresh
water infrastructure is
the Antero Clearwater
Facility (ACF), an industry-
leading advanced water
treatment plant.

Additionally, at the center of our fresh water infrastructure is the Antero Clearwater Facility (ACF), an industry-leading advanced water treatment plant. The ACF provides an innovative and alternative solution to address Antero’s water demands by reducing demands for freshwater in Antero’s operations. The ACF recycles wastewater that would otherwise be placed in wastewater injection wells, the most prevalent disposal method of oil and gas brine. At design capacity, 60,000 barrels per day or approximately 2.5 million gallons of Antero’s brine and flowback water will be treated at the ACF which will provide 41,000 barrels per day of freshwater for reuse in all of Antero’s ongoing operations. The addition of the ACF to our existing freshwater infrastructure will virtually eliminate Antero’s use of wastewater disposal wells and will reduce the deployment of trucks on local roads by an estimated 10 million miles annually thereby reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. In addition to the ACF, Antero uses mobile treatment facilities to treat brine and flowback water to a quality where it can be re-used in downhole operations.