Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE)

A focus on health, safety, security and preservation of the environment (HSSE) puts people and the community first and is the right thing to do. It also makes good business sense. A strong safety culture and dedicated environmental stewardship reduces risk, enhances productivity and builds a strong reputation in the communities in which we operate. We have earned a reputation as a safe and environmentally responsible operator through continuous improvement in our HSSE performance. This makes us an employer of choice for current and prospective employees.

We Invest In
Safety Training
And Coaching

We invest in HSSE training and coaching, promote risk assessments and encourage visible HSSE leadership. We sponsor emergency preparedness programs, conduct regular audits to assess our performance and celebrate our successes through the annual contractor HSSE conference where we acknowledge employees and contractors alike who have exhibited strong HSSE leadership during the course of the year. These many efforts combine to create a culture of HSSE Excellence throughout the company and provide a positive influence to our contractor community.

Fostering Strong
Partnerships With
Antero Contractors

Antero holds periodic Contractor HSSE Meetings to review HSSE performance, collaboratively solve problems, address public concerns, provide an open forum, and most importantly, to recognize the dedication and commitment to the HSSE Antero Ideals that are being upheld by Antero’s contractors.

On-Site In-Field HSSE Representatives—Antero has HSSE representatives who are continuously on site 24/7 during every significant operation, including drilling, completions, flowbacks, and pipeline start-ups.