Health & Safety

We sponsor emergency preparedness programs, conduct regular audits to assess our performance, and celebrate our successes through the annual Contractor HSSE conference, where we acknowledge employees and contractors alike who have exhibited strong HSSE leadership during the course of the year. These efforts combine to create a culture of HSSE excellence throughout the company and positively influence our contractor community.

Through our HSSE challenge coin program, Antero leaders acknowledge individuals or groups that have demonstrated exceptional operation safety service either in an office or field environment. There are three levels of recognition in the program which include peer to peer, supervisory, and executive level recognition.

Antero meets periodically with contractors to review HSSE performance, collaboratively solve problems, address public concerns, provide an open forum, and most importantly, recognize our contractor’s dedication and commitment to upholding Antero HSSE ideals.

 Antero’s HSSE representatives are available on site 24/7 during every significant operation, including drilling, completions, flowback, and production.