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Antero Clearwater Facility & Landfill

Antero, with its partner Veolia, is developing an industry-leading water treatment and reuse facility that provides an alternative and innovative solution to current disposal methods, creating environmental, economic and community benefits.

Antero’s ongoing commitment to sustainably managing water resources is reflected in the company’s industry-leading freshwater delivery system.

This initial infrastructure build-out of the freshwater delivery system – representing a nearly $500 million investment – is creating important local benefits, including the elimination of 820,000 fresh water truck trips since 2014 alone.

With the new water treatment and reuse facility, Antero is building upon these long-term environmental and economic commitments.

Economic Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Landfill Facility

Antero Midstream Partners LP (Antero) – along with Veolia as well as Alliance Consulting, Inc., a West Virginia-based engineering and environmental consultancy – are working collaboratively with all relevant regulatory agencies and other key stakeholders to ensure that every aspect of its water treatment and reuse facility, the largest facility of its kind in Appalachia, meets or exceeds all environmental protection requirements.

As part of the facility’s design – which further integrates Antero’s industry-leading best management and operational practices for water reuse and recycling – Antero has proposed an onsite landfill to safely and efficiently dispose of salts.

For a detailed FAQ overview of the proposed landfill, click here.