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Landowner Relations

Antero sets itself apart by working with our partners, the surface and mineral owners. We approach these relationships with respect and integrity. We have an excellent reputation because we are good to work with. We pride ourselves on our working relationships with mineral and surface owners as well as regulatory bodies in each of our Appalachia operating areas. Antero is solely focused on Appalachia and growing our operation there. Appalachia is an area of immense natural beauty and important history. We come from the Rocky Mountains, an area of great beauty in its own right. We have a deep and sincere respect for the land and a desire to preserve it for future generations. We will take care of your land just as we take care of our own. We develop our properties with a commitment to safety and limited disturbance. Our team works closely with surface owners, both on the front end and on an ongoing basis, to minimize the impact of our operations.

Today, mineral owners have several choices of energy companies to lease to. After careful consideration, we hope you choose Antero.

For a more comprehensive description of Antero, and for frequently asked questions, please download our Appalachia brochures, which are linked on the right hand side of this page.